The Positive Impact of Data Mining:  
Fraud Detection
The Positive Impact of Data Mining:  
Fraud Detection

In the 5th Annual Survey (2011) data miners shared examples of situations where
data mining is having a positive impact on society.  
A summary of the top five
positive impact example topic areas is available.  Below is the full text of the
positive impact examples they shared in the topic area of Fraud Detection:  

  • Insurance Fraud Bureau uses link analytics and data mining within
    Detica NetReveal to detect motor fraud .  Up to date over 150 arrests
    have been made on organised criminal rings and seized millions of
    pounds in proceeds of crime reducing premium costs for us all.

  • Insurance fraud detection and insurance risk estimation - better prices
    for better clients.

  • Preventing financial transaction fraud.

  • Fraud detection and prevention;  crime and terror prevention.

  • Fraud, criminal and terrorist detection.

  • Currently: mitigating fraudulent activities, and ultimately: preventing
    fraudulent activities.

  • Detection fraud.  Detection criminal activities.

  • Fraud Detection and crime prevention

  • Financial fraud detection, data quality diagnosis

  • Fraud detection

  • Fraud detection

  • Fraud detection

  • Fraud detection
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