The Positive Impact of Data Mining:  
Personalized Communications &
The Positive Impact of Data Mining:  
Personalized Communications &

In the 5th Annual Survey (2011) data miners shared examples of situations where
data mining is having a positive impact on society.  
A summary of the top five
positive impact example topic areas is available.  Below is the full text of the
positive impact examples they shared in the topic area of Personalized
Communications & Marketing:  

  • As we are working mainly for a marketing audience, we have proven to
    make marketing more efficient (+10% revenue) and more relevant
    (+300% more relevant) by applying predictive analytics for targeting
    and customized offering.

  • Netflix recommender and Google Reader's "sort by magic" have
    completely revolutionized the way I consume information for
    entertainment and news.

  • Automation of keyword pricing for bidding on search engines.  
    Automation of "good" keyword detection.

  • Amazon customer experience embodies data mining.

  • In a world where people are inundated with marketing, data mining can
    create an environment that a consumer hears what they want to hear

  • Discover information in text.  Predict who is likely to buy, migrate or
    churn.  Improve campaigns.

  • Data mining can help quality of life and assist public health
    interventions - by producing a model  predicting the effect of an
    intervention.  Data mining can help filter important data and information
    from spam and information overload.

  • Fairer pricing and product conditions to customers, reflecting their own
    behaviours and minimizing the "free riding problem" of risky customers
    causing costs of good customers to rise.

  • Spam filtering, automatic recommendations for culture discovery.

  • Data Mining makes better use of resources.  It also allows us to identify
    people in need of services.

  • Target less customer but interested customers. Too many spam emails
    could be reduced by better targeting the customers.

  • Lower volume of direct marketing campaign, optimize collections.

  • Recommendation engines really help the customers (when they work
    ...).  Better customer targeting (in order to avoid spams ...).  Better
    understanding of customers behavior.

  • It can certainly help companies focus their limited marketing resources
    on the most productive sales channels.

  • 1) Recommendation systems for pretty much anything. You can't
    buy/use etc. something you don't know about.  2) Social networking  3)
    Fraud, criminal and terrorist detection.  4) Improving on human errors
    (auto correcting human spelling in searches, suggesting other queries
    etc.)  5) Anomaly detection.

  • "Data Mining could contribute for:  -  more targeted advertising.  Senior
    person may want to see relevant advertisement to his age and interest.  
    If the response rate is tracked, people could benefit from the most
    relevant content and use it more, instead of simply disregarding the
    endless advertisement.    - Predictive analytics may help families to
    wisely plan their budget for years to come (after school care, activities,
    college, summer camps, vacation, bar mitzvah celebration etc.).  For
    instance, learning the past spendings of families with x kids living in
    state Y, a future spending plan could be built given parameters such as
    zip code, number of kids, age of kids (pets are optional), religion etc.
    Enhancement of existing:  - preventing Money Laundry at International
    level.  - Predicting most likely locations of nature resources (oil, gas) by
    mapping an existing distribution of spots.  - Prediction earthquakes,
    based on the past patterns  - Healthcare - economy of scale:
    documenting all treatments, patient data, allergic reactions etc. and
    unifying it to a large data mart (example KaiserPermanente) may help
    to treat similar deceases more precisely, match a right prescription
    medication (based on previously known side effects). Aka ""evidence
    based medicine"".  No doubt, the data has to be secured."

  • Marketing campaigns - less spam.

  • Customer segmentation
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