Success Stories
Success Stories

Predictive Modeling:

    Regional Financial Institution:  Rexer Analytics created a suite of targeting
    models to identify households at risk for attrition, as well as those with a high
    opportunity for cross-sell.  Following the delivery of our model scores, the
    bank created an outreach campaign targeting the top scorers on our mortgage
    cross-sell model.  This target group exhibited a conversion rate five times
    higher than the randomly selected comparison group.  This campaign was one
    of the institution’s most successful, resulting in $5.5 million of new mortgage

    Award-Winning Direct Marketing Firm:  Rexer Analytics developed several
    cross-sell models by applying a broad suite of predictive modeling algorithms.  
    As part of this engagement, we also evaluated algorithm performance,
    developed repeatable methodologies, and made recommendations for future
    modeling.  Over the course of this project we employed advanced variable
    recoding methods that dramatically improved model performance.  Our models
    substantially out-performed the models that the company had previously

Analytic CRM:

    Large International Technology Company:  Rexer Analytics conducted
    strategic analyses of this client’s small business loyalty rewards program.  We
    developed programmatic reporting that summarized customer engagement,
    buying frequency, and financial performance for each customer segment.  We
    also developed customer metrics to quantify member value and member
    loyalty, and to identify members with declining purchasing.  The client is
    currently using these metrics to develop outreach programs targeted at high
    value members with waning activity.  Initial campaign results indicate
    successful reactivation of many of these members (reflected by renewed

Fraud Detection:

    Fortune 100 Manufacturer:  Rexer Analytics developed a B2B fraud
    detection solution utilizing expert systems and data mining methodologies.  
    Over $10 Million of B2B fraud losses have been identified and recovered by
    auditors using our fraud detection and lead prioritization tool.  This is
    substantially higher than the volume of fraud identified in a similar time period
    prior to the release of our tool.  Due to the success of this tool, the client has
    expanded the analytic engagement.  We are now providing additional analytic
    support to the company’s on-site audit teams and developing similar fraud
    detection solutions for other products and regions.

Customer Insights:

    Large International Franchise Company:  Rexer Analytics conducted a
    variety of customer, product and franchisee analyses to support company-
    wide strategic and tactical decisions.  Our evaluation of customer value and
    attrition across industries and regions identified several risk areas and
    identified the primary factors which influence a customer’s likelihood to
    discontinue service.  This analysis enabled the company to develop new
    customer retention strategies and to focus acquisition efforts onto customer
    segments that have higher lifetime value.  We have also evaluated the efficacy
    of new franchisee training and conducted focused analyses on specific
    industries, regions, products and franchisee segments.  These analyses
    provided insights that have informed customer acquisition strategy, product
    development, and franchisee evaluation metrics.

    Leading Business Strategy Consulting Firm:  Rexer Analytics provided
    research design, survey creation, and analysis on a series of projects
    designed to refine this client’s assessment tools, expand their consulting
    offerings, and improve their reporting processes.  We authored white papers
    and reports based on our analyses of online community surveys.  We also
    developed assessment tools and reporting templates for the client’s
    conferences and consulting engagements.  These new tools and streamlined
    reporting templates helped the company standardize consulting engagements
    within their traditional areas and expand the breadth of their consulting
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