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Organizer and Presenter, Cognos / SPSS Modeler Workshop, Cambridge MA

Rexer Analytics Senior Consultant, Paul Gearan, and NES Solution Architect Leo Coughlin delivered a hands-on workshop to invited IBM clients at IBM’s Cambridge Office. Their workshop, Enhancing Business Intelligence with Predictive Capabilities: IBM Cognos Analytics & SPSS, explained and demonstrated how the predictive capabilities of IBM SPSS Modeler can be combined with the reporting and dashboarding capabilities of IBM Cognos to provide an outstanding BI platform for analysis, prediction, and communication. Paul and Leo covered these topics:

  • The Changing Nature of Decision-Making
  • The Power of Cognos & SPSS Modeler
  • Decision Making w/ Predictive Analytics
  • Integration of Business Intelligence & SPSS Modeler
  • Dashboards for Empowering Action & Monitoring Progress

They stressed how together these two IBM tools enable companies to progress from measuring and reacting to historical events to predicting and taking proactive action to shape the future.

Paul Gearan :