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Rexer Analytics releases 2015 Data Science Survey white paper

We are happy to announce the release of the Rexer Analytics white paper containing the results of the Rexer Analytics 2015 Data Science Survey. The field of data science has evolved in the past decade at a breathtaking pace. The potential applications for analytics, and corresponding sources of rich data sets, have expanded as has the attention the field of data science has received in the popular press. In 2015, Rexer Analytics fielded our seventh 7th Data Science Survey, and found that while much has changed in our field over the years, these changes are built upon a stable foundation.

The white paper explores the increasing popularity of R, the phenomenon of Big Data, how those in the field define themselves, the state of the field, and the barriers that data scientists face in doing their jobs. We also share data about tools and algorithms most commonly deployed and organizations’ analytic sophistication.

A FREE copy of the 2015 Data Science Survey white paper can be downloaded here.

Thanks go to our new graphics design partner, Brainspin, for their outstanding work, helping us transform our thoughts into a new and exciting white paper format.

Karl Rexer :