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3rd Annual Data Miner Survey:
3rd Annual Data Miner Survey:  

Thank you for your interest in our 3rd annual survey of the analytic behaviors,
views and preferences of data mining professionals.  

This survey is now closed to new participants.  In early 2009, over 700 people
participated in this research.  We deeply thank everyone who completed the data
miner survey.  

This research is not being conducted for any third party, but is solely for the
purpose of Rexer Analytics to disseminate the findings throughout the data
mining community via publication, conference presentations, and personal
contact.  If you have any questions about this research or would like to receive
a free copy of the research results summary, please email Karl Rexer

Again, thank you for your interest in this research.


Karl Rexer, PhD
President, Rexer Analytics