Invited Panelist, The Analytics Clinic

Rexer Analytics President, Karl Rexer, participated as an invited panelist on The Analytics Clinic’s online event “Designing Analytics Projects for Insight vs Action.”  Approximately 100 people attended this Analytics Clinic event, organized and moderated by Eric King, President of The Modeling Agency. The two other panelists were Keith McCormick (Independent Data Mining Consultant) and Steve Poulin (Principal Data Scientist at CompassRed).  The panelists had a lively discussion comparing and contrasting modeling projects that produce strategic business insights and projects that focus more on applied tactical action. The moderator shaped a great event with a few initial questions, and introduced a variety of additional questions from the attendees.  All three panelists brought real-world examples to the discussion, describing differences in projects that focus more on either insight or action. They also highlighted specific ways they have generated strategic insights during some of their modeling projects. The participants and panelists are continuing the discussion in The Analytics Clinic Forum, which is freely accessible to everyone.  Schedule and registration information for upcoming monthly (free) events is available at The Analytics Clinic website.  Recordings of past events, including the March “Designing Analytics Projects for Insight vs Action” event, can be purchased there as well.