• July 2015: Complete large benchmarking, research & analysis project, culminating in 72-page Corporate Finance white paper
  • July 2015: Deliver customer segmentation solution to large regional alliance of non-profit community-based physician groups
  • Jun. 2015: Work with partner to deliver CRM technology assessment and customer segmentation recommendation to Scandinavian global fashion retailer
  • Apr. 2015: Launch multi-year customer opinion tracking study for US arm of large international bank
  • Mar. 2015: 2015 Data Miner Survey data collection begins
  • Feb. 2015: Guest speaker to Babson College MBA class: Introduction to Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Jan. 2015: Deliver to a large B2B service firm a predictive modeling solution that identifies customers at high risk of closing their accounts
  • Jan. 2015: Charlie Berger, Tim Vlamis and Karl Rexer deliver Hands-on Lab in the use of Oracle Data Miner at Oracle BIWA Summit 2015
  • Jan. 2015: Member of organizing committee and paper selection committee for very successful Oracle BIWA Summit 2015
  • Dec. 2014: Deliver customer cross-sell targeting model and prospective customer targeting model to nationwide continuing education firm
  • Nov. 2014: Guest speaker to Babson College undergraduate class: Introduction to Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Oct. 2014: Featured speaker in CustermerThink Hooked On Customers Summit: Improving the Customer Experience with Analytics and Big Data
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"I highly recommend Rexer Analytics.  Very few
quant people possess the total package:  excellent
credentials, strong statistical and data mining
skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs,
compelling and concise communications, strong
client management skills, and a results-driven
mindset.  They've led numerous projects that have
helped our company maximize marketing efforts
and understand our customers better.  In all, the
quality has been superior and their client-service
attitudes are tremendous."
Sr. Manager
Data Mining & Analytics Group
Fortune 20 International High-Tech firm
2015 Data Miner Survey results will be
available Fall-2015   

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