Ask Them Anything (about Machine Learning) – Rockstar Edition

Eric Siegel
June 2022

At the June 2022 Vegas Predictive Analytics World (PAW) event (Machine Learning Week), thought leaders in machine learning, Dean Abbott, Sarah Kalicin, Steven Ramirez and Karl Rexer fielded questions from the audience about strategies for machine learning projects, best practices, and deployment tips, drawing from their decades of experience as consultants and company executives.  At past PAW events the “Ask them Anything” sessions held by the Karl-Dean duo or the Karl-Steven duo have been crowd favorites.  This year we brought the 3 of them together and added Sarah – all true Predictive Analytics Rockstars, and they fielded questions in two sessions for the PAW-Business and the PAW-Industry tracks.  The questions covered a broad array of topics, and the discussion was animated.  As usual, the sessions got great reviews from attendees.  Dean Abbott is Chief Data Scientist, Wunderkind; Sarah Kalicin is a Data Scientist at Intel; Steven Ramirez is CEO, Beyond the Arc; and Karl Rexer is President, Rexer Analytics.

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