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Analytic and CRM consulting to deliver insights, drive strategic decisions, and produce measurable results
Predictive modeling to improve customer acquisition, growth and retention
Survey research and analyses to improve customer understanding and identify product and service improvement opportunities
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Rexer Analytics specializes in data science, predictive modeling, and CRM consulting. We deliver analytic solutions and expert consulting to provide new insights, drive strategic decisions, and produce measurable results for our clients.  We partner with our clients to fully understand their business goals, and then design and implement analytic solutions that are tightly aligned with those goals.  Our highly skilled team of experienced professionals is well-versed in a variety of statistical and data mining techniques.  We have provided predictive modeling, survey research, and analytic CRM solutions to clients in numerous fields, including financial services, technology, retail services, manufacturing, and higher education.
Since 2007 this research program has provided insights into the challenges, tools, and methods of analytic professionals.
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"Rexer Analytics provides outstanding and affordable statistical analyses of customer behavior and trends.  We used them to tell us which customer segments we need to target to increase profits and which segments we need to stay away from.  Their analysis was extremely well presented and very clear.  I would highly recommend Rexer Analytics to anyone.  They are the first firm I call for any data mining and statistical work."

Steve Cumbow
Chief Financial Officer
Coverall Cleaning Concepts
"Rexer Analytics hit a grand slam for us!  Their expertise and mastery of data mining and predictive analytics found important patterns in our data where others had failed.  They built multiple predictive models that predicted student success, the likelihood of a student dropping out of college, and the likelihood of a student defaulting on their student loans.  And Karl was outstanding when presenting the information to non-technical audiences.  His slides and explanations were clear and resonated with the audience.  Karl and his team were amazing to work with and I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

Robert Reeder
CIO - Cegment,  Inc.
"Rexer Analytics assisted our international PwC benchmarking team in the production of our 2013 and 2015 Corporate Finance white papers.  They did an awesome job, as always.  As good as Karl and his team of Paul and Heather were two years ago, they upped the result this time around.  Their data analysis, ad hoc data fulfillment, writing, editing, proofing, project management, dozens and dozens of interviews and, not the least, positive attitude and continuous assistance were tremendous."

Ed Shapiro
Director, Finance Effectiveness
"I highly recommend Rexer Analytics.  Very few quant people possess the total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, strong client management skills, and a results-driven mindset.  They’ve led numerous projects that have helped our company maximize marketing efforts and understand our customers better.  In all, the quality has been superior and their client-service attitudes are tremendous."

A. Charles Thomas, PhD
Sr. Manager, Advanced Analytics
"The models created by the Rexer Analytics team enabled us to target our retention efforts and take immediate action to retain at-risk customers.  The insights from their analyses also enabled us to make strategic decisions which boosted customer lifetime value."

Betsi Harris
Director, Operational Excellence, Training & Quality Assurance/Compliance
Tyco Integrated Security
Author of “Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing: Leveraging Manufacturing
Concepts to Achieve World Class Service”

"Rexer Analytics is my firm’s partner of choice for quantitative research and analysis.  They are superior data scientists, rigorous in the research approach, ethical and provide outstanding customer support.  They are always willing and happy to support our strategic research needs with a wide range of studies, tools and methods.  As a fellow researcher, I enjoy working with them and they always deliver high value to every engagement they work on."

Vanessa DiMauro
CEO & Chief Digital Officer - Leader Networks
Board Director & Research Co-Chair - Society for New Communications ResearchAuthor of “The New Symbiosis of Professional Networks: Social Media's Impact on Business and Decision-Making”
"Karl Rexer is one my top few most treasured colleagues.  His firm is one of the top boutique consulting firms in predictive analytics, and has accumulated an impressive, diverse client portfolio.  I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with Karl on several projects, and he’s a regular plenary speaker at the conference series I founded, Predictive Analytics World.  When it comes to execution, Karl and his team have conquered the art of clear communication, which is as important as it is rare in the complex arena of analytics.  Also, Rexer Analytics’ series of Data Science Surveys is a foundational contribution to this industry’s community.  If you have the opportunity to work with Karl’s firm, nab it!"

Eric Siegel, PhD
Author of “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die”;  Founder, Predictive Analytics World;  Executive Editor, Predictive Analytics Times
"Rexer Analytics has been instrumental in helping advance the field of data mining through applied research, software evaluation, testing, professional conference support and consulting.  Their research evaluating the trends and preferences among the data mining community is a great resource for many."

Wayne Thompson, PhD
Chief Data Scientist - SAS

Rexer Analytics and Machine Learning Week launch 2023 Data Science Survey

Rexer Analytics has partnered with Eric Siegel and his Machine Learning Week organization to launch the 2023 Data Science Survey. Analytic professionals of all types are invited to participate.


Does your Hospital Have Enough Blood? - Part 2: Using Analytics & Marketing to End the Platelet Shortage

Kelley Counts (OneBlood, Director of Data Science) & Karl Rexer presented at the June 2022 Predictive Analytics World event in Vegas (Machine Learning Week). It was a popular follow-up to their 2020 presentation about the use of data science to improve blood collections and availability for patients in need of critical blood products. 

Ask Them Anything (about Machine Learning) – Rockstar Edition

At the June 2022 Vegas Predictive Analytics World (PAW) event (Machine Learning Week), thought leaders in machine learning, Dean Abbott, Sarah Kalicin, Steven Ramirez and Karl Rexer fielded questions from the audience about strategies for machine learning projects, best practices, and deployment tips, drawing from their decades of experience as consultants and company executives.