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Rexer Analytics specializes in data science, predictive modeling, and CRM consulting. We deliver analytic solutions and expert consulting to provide new insights, drive strategic decisions, and produce measurable results for our clients.  We partner with our clients to fully understand their business goals, and then design and implement analytic solutions that are tightly aligned with those goals. Our highly skilled team of experienced professionals is well-versed in a variety of statistical and data mining techniques.  We have provided predictive modeling, survey research, and analytic CRM solutions to clients in numerous fields, including financial services, technology, retail services, manufacturing, and higher education.

Our analytic solutions span the customer life-cycle, including targeting models for customer acquisition, customer segmentation and survey research to improve customer understanding, cross-sell models and market-basket analyses to optimize customer development, and attrition analyses and predictive models to improve customer retention. Our services also include analytic training, mentoring, fraud detection, forecasting, and other customized analytic solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Above all, we understand that the results of analytics must be understood to be useful. At Rexer Analytics we pride ourselves not only in our technical expertise in developing analytic solutions, but also in our ability to clearly communicate those solutions to any audience, regardless of statistical or analytic background.


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Karl founded Rexer Analytics in 2002. Karl’s broad analytic experience includes analytic strategy & leadership, predictive modeling, statistics, data mining, direct marketing, CRM, and market research.

In addition to leading client engagements and hands-on data work, Karl is a predictive analytics evangelist, frequently speaking at conferences, colleges, and other events. Karl has served on the organizing committees of numerous international Data Science and Business Intelligence conferences (e.g., KDD, BIWA Summit, Oracle Collaborate). He also reviews papers, is a conference moderator, and serves on awards committees to select the best applied data mining papers. In 2011 LinkedIn identified Karl in the #1 position in their inaugural list of “Top Predictive Analytics Professionals”. Several software companies have sought Karl's input, and in 2008 and 2010 he served on SPSS's (IBM) Customer Advisory Board. He also served 11 years on the Board of Directors of the Oracle Business Intelligence, Warehousing, & Analytics (BIWA) Special Interest Group. Karl is a frequent guest lecturer in Babson College’s Business Analytics MBA courses, and he serves on the Advisory Boards for the Business Analytics programs at both Babson College and Bentley University.

Prior to founding Rexer Analytics, Karl held leadership and consulting positions at several consulting firms and two multi-national banks. Karl holds a BA from The Ohio State University and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Connecticut.
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Senior Consultant & Project Lead

Paul has deep experience in analytic consulting, predictive modeling, forecasting, text mining, and survey research. For the past 13 years he has developed and delivered a wide variety of analytics solutions to Rexer Analytics clients.

Paul recently led a predictive modeling engagement to build and deliver a suite of models to a large multi-national service company. These models identify B2C and B2B customers who are at risk of closing their accounts, enabling the company to take proactive action to retain high-value at-risk customers. Paul has also designed and delivered research to help several of the largest US banks understand the changing needs of their consumer and business customers. He has analyzed a technology company's nationwide B2B customer loyalty program, forecast sales for a medical device company, built cross-sell and attrition prediction models for clients in several industries, designed models to identify at-risk college students, and conducted text mining to extract concepts from a software company's online customer responses. Paul is also skilled in presenting analytic concepts and training others. He has developed and delivered analytic seminars and trainings for user groups and clients in the US and Caribbean. His 2006 his in-depth analyses of the NBA draft culminated in several online articles, interviews and an appearance on ESPNews.

Prior to joining Rexer Analytics, Paul was Director of Research at Maguire Associates, where he designed and was responsible for the company’s delivery of modeling and research for higher education admissions.

Paul holds a BA from The College of the Holy Cross and an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut.
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Senior Consultant & Project Lead

Heather has over 20 years of experience in predictive modeling, market research, financial optimization, and applied social science research. For the past 12 years she has developed and delivered a wide variety of analytics solutions to Rexer Analytics clients. She has led engagements, designed surveys, built predictive models, crafted customer segmentations, and partnered with clients to help them leverage data and analytics to improve business performance.

Heather recently led the writing of corporate finance case studies for an international client’s white paper. The client felt the white paper was so successful in driving new business that they translated it into five languages and hired Rexer Analytics to assist with the writing and analyses for two additional white papers. Heather’s other recent work includes conducting sales forecasting and customer loyalty analyses for an international franchise business, and building cross-sell and attrition prediction models for several banks and investment firms. She also designed and led the analysis of a US-wide 4-year customer experience tracking study, and conducted a validity and reliability assessment for a salesforce profiling instrument that has been used to evaluate over a quarter of a million salespeople globally.

Prior to joining Rexer Analytics, Heather was the Director of Enrollment Modeling at Maguire Associates. While there she developed Maguire’s financial aid optimization product and led the team that delivered it to numerous colleges and universities. Heather has also worked in media market research, with a focus on branding, segmentation, and image tracking for clients such as Disney, HGTV and the Boston Museum of Science. Heather holds a BA from Williams College and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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Senior Consultant & Project Lead

Andrew is both a senior marketing professional and a hands-on analytic innovator. One day he’s leading clients in marketing analytics strategy sessions, and the next day he may be working heads-down, programming in R and SPSS.

Andrew achieves client's marketing goals and improves marketing ROI through the development of analytic marketing strategies and the execution of the supporting marketing initiatives. These include integrated marketing communications and both in-market and new-market campaigns grounded in primary research, segmentation, analytic CRM, and Database Marketing methodologies. Andrew has surprised many clients with his innovative use of external data sources and technology to dramatically improve new customer acquisition programs. For example, in 2008 Andrew led a team that developed an innovative lead incubation program that received Marketing Sherpa’s Gold Award for marketing innovation. Andrew's expertise also extends to the technology integration of direct marketing with customer contact channels such as web, call centers, IVR, and letter shops. He has provided consulting solutions to AT&T, American Express, Reliant Energy, IBM, Microsoft, Allstate, and many other companies. In additional to his extensive consulting experience, Andrew has held SVP and VP of Marketing positions at several companies including New England Life, BayBank, Alternative Investor (a Dow Jones company) and Intellidyn. In 2011 he led a team that placed in the top 10 (out of 525 worldwide teams) in the DMA/Hearst Predictive Modeling Challenge. In 2015 Andrew entered the DMA Predictive Modeling Challenge again, and again placed in the top 10.

Andrew holds an MBA from Babson College, and also serves on the Babson College Alumni Board.
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Solutions Architect & Cloud Specialist

Daniel Petruk is an experienced bilingual (Spanish & English) Solutions Architect with deep experience in a wide range of technology implementations. Over the last 15 years he has specialized in Business Intelligence, Cloud Migrations, ERP, Data Integration and complex database solutions. He has designed and implemented analytics solutions, delivered AWS cloud solutions, and managed ERP implementations, systems migrations, software development and cloud and Infrastructure migrations for clients in the Mainland US & Puerto Rico, Spain, Cayman Islands, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He has integrated data from multiple sources to support Data Science initiatives and designed dashboards in several technology platforms to support C-suite strategic decision making. Daniel has deep experience addressing data governance challenges regarding PII, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR regulations, as well as handling data for legal proceedings. Daniel has led both waterfall and agile initiatives to develop cloud and on- premise data solutions for companies across many industries, including insurance, hospitality, and manufacturing.Daniel has extensive merger and acquisition experience, including Centralized Strategic reporting from multiple organizations with different technologies and source systems. He has a passion for solving complex technology problems, implementing elegant solutions, and communicating clearly with C-level clients, IT teams and end-users. In 2018 and 2019 Daniel led a Rexer Analytics team in the design and successful deployment of the Caribbean’s first Oracle Autonomous Cloud Data Warehouse for a large island-wide health insurance company. Daniel has outstanding communication, knowledge-transfer, and presentation skills. He has presented Oracle solutions at Oracle headquarters Summits.

Daniel has a BS in Information Systems from Broward College, FL.
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Senior Consultant & Project Lead

Roberta specializes in new product development, sales forecasting, the design of new analytic methodologies, product and pricing optimization, and the quantitative linkage of business policies/decisions to business performance. She has applied these skills to assist Rexer Analytics clients in a diverse set of industries. Her recent projects include the development of a complex sales forecasting system for a medical device firm’s suite of products, a new product market assessment for a plumbing manufacturer, a market-sizing assessment to assist a B2C manufacturer enter a new geographic market, and a team alignment assessment and improvement tool for a high tech precision manufacturer. She has developed new analytic tools for pricing optimization, brand equity measurement, product positioning, and sales force deployment. She has also designed conjoint and discreet choice studies for product feature selection and advertising testing. Roberta has held many strategic and leadership positions, including Partner at Mercer Management Consulting, Group Head of Research Design at the Monitor Group, as well as several start-ups: OriginalThought, Event Zero, BrandIQ and Booming. She has provided analytic solutions to GM, Bell South, IBM, Polaroid, and many other companies.

Roberta's rich background also includes the founding of four companies, several non-profit board positions, and a variety of World Bank projects around the globe. Roberta holds a BA from Swarthmore College and pursued PhD studies in Economics at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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"Rexer Analytics is my firm’s partner of choice for quantitative research and analysis.  They are superior data scientists, rigorous in the research approach, ethical and provide outstanding customer support.  They are always willing and happy to support our strategic research needs with a wide range of studies, tools and methods.  As a fellow researcher, I enjoy working with them and they always deliver high value to every engagement they work on."

Vanessa DiMauro
CEO & Chief Digital Officer, Leader Networks
Board Director & Research Co-Chair, Society for New Communications Research
Author of “The New Symbiosis of Professional Networks: Social Media's Impact on Business and Decision-Making”
"Rexer Analytics has been a great Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA) partner who has delivered customized OAA data mining consulting and instruction for Oracle customers in North America, Europe and Asia.  Rexer Analytics’ deep experience and industry knowledge have been great assets to Oracle, and are key reasons I recommend them to Oracle clients.  I’ve worked with Karl for years now as a board member of our Oracle BI, Warehousing and Analytics (BIWA) Big Data + Analytics User Conferences and oftentimes look to Rexer as a great source of customer, product and competitive feedback."

Charlie Berger
Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Advanced Analytics and Data Mining, Oracle Corporation
"I worked together with Karl and his team on at least 10 analytic tasks over 4 years for a mutual client.  They are consummate professionals – they bring an uncommon skill set to bear on every engagement: unparalleled attention to detail, crystal clear communication of very technical solutions, and creative analytical insight.  Karl's role as the engagement manger for this client was essential to the longevity of the relationship."

Dustin Hux
Vice President of Analytics, Elder Research
"We partner with Rexer Analytics, bringing them into our engagement teams when we need deep expertise in analytics; we rely on their decades of experience creating analytic solutions across many many industries.  We always know that Rexer will have experience similar to the situation we are in — having someone that has 'been there, done that' is invaluable.  We also partner with Rexer Analytics by providing Oracle database, OBIEE, and Amazon Cloud support on Rexer engagements.  Whether they are in China, London, California, or New York, their communication is outstanding and their technology requirements are clear — the Rexer teams are a pleasure to work with."

Dan Vlamis
President, Vlamis Software Solutions
Author of “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g”
"Smart, strategic, flexible – the Rexer Analytics team is a joy to work with and really adds value."

Polly Staman
Principal/Owner, Research Collaborative


We feel honored that many Rexer Analytics clients and partners have provided testimonials to describe what they like about working with us. Additionally, many people have provided testimonials about our Data Science Survey and other thought leadership. We have used people's testimonials (with their permission) in various places throughout our website. View a complete list of testimonials