Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Rexer Analytics.  Very few quant people possess the total package: excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, strong client management skills, and a results-driven mindset.  They’ve led numerous projects that have helped our company maximize marketing efforts and understand our customers better.  In all, the quality has been superior and their client-service attitudes are tremendous."

– A. Charles Thomas, PhD;  Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics, Hewlett-Packard
power waterhouse coopers
"Rexer Analytics assisted our international PwC benchmarking team in the production of our 2013 and 2015 Corporate Finance white papers.  They did an awesome job, as always.  As good as Karl and his team of Paul and Heather were two years ago, they upped the result this time around.  Their data analysis, ad hoc data fulfillment, writing, editing, proofing, project management, dozens and dozens of interviews and, not the least, positive attitude and continuous assistance were tremendous."

– Ed Shapiro, Director, Finance Effectiveness, PricewaterhouseCoopers (2015)"

The support we got from Rexer Analytics was the glue that kept the project team moving forward. You guys stayed on top of our challenging data and provided outstanding data analysis.  Your data graphics, CFO interviews, writing and proofreading were also invaluable to our 2017 report."

– Ed Shapiro, Director, Finance Effectiveness, PricewaterhouseCoopers (2017)
"Rexer Analytics hit a grand slam for us!  Their expertise and mastery of data mining and predictive analytics found important patterns in our data where others had failed.  They built multiple predictive models that predicted things like student success, the likelihood of a student dropping out of college, and the likelihood of a student defaulting on their student loans.  And Karl was outstanding when presenting the information to non-technical audiences.  His slides and explanations were clear and resonated with the audience.  Karl and his team were amazing to work with and I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

– Robert Reeder, CIO, Cegment, Inc.
"Rexer Analytics provides outstanding and affordable statistical analyses of customer behavior and trends.  We used them to tell us which customer segments we need to target to increase profits and which segments we needed to stay away from.  Their analysis was extremely well presented and very clear.  I would highly recommend Rexer Analytics to anyone.  They are the first firm I call for any data mining and statistical work."

– Steve Cumbow, Chief Financial Officer, Coverall Cleaning Concepts
"The models created by the Rexer Analytics team enabled us to target our retention efforts and take immediate action to retain at-risk customers.  The insights from their analyses also enabled us to make strategic decisions which boosted customer lifetime value."

– Betsi Harris;  Director, Operational Excellence, Training & Quality Assurance/Compliance, Tyco Integrated Security;  Author of “Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing: Leveraging Manufacturing Concepts to Achieve World Class Service”
palladium executing strategy
"The Rexer team is great to work with.  Over a period of several years Rexer Analytics helped Palladium Group with a number of analytic projects on our Balanced Scorecard benchmark database and our Hall of Fame reporting.  They have outstanding analytic skills, and their creative data visualizations made the analytic results clear.  The team was also very responsive to our evolving needs.  I look forward to working again with Rexer Analytics and highly recommend them to other companies needing advanced analytic solutions.  I plan to have them conduct the analyses of our upcoming global survey of municipal executives."

– Randall Russell;  (Past) Vice President and Director of Research, Palladium Group;  (Current) Managing Director, Alliance for Municipal Performance
"I used Karl's organization as an extended team to supplement my direct staff.  His team fit in seamlessly with my direct reports and delivered value while partnering with the direct staff.  Karl's team worked on projects that they managed along with projects managed by my direct staff.  I would recommend Rexer Analytics to other firms that are seeking help with their analytic challenges. They fully understood our business needs and constructed analytic solutions that focused on those needs. They are very responsive and bring the appropriate technical skill and knowledge to solve the business issue at hand.  Top notch client relations as well."

– Ned Cullen, Manger, World Wide Marketing Analytics, Hewlett-Packard
"I found working with the Rexer team on our advanced analytics projects to be a very positive experience on many fronts.  Not only do they possess outstanding analytic skills, but they also are very adept at explaining advanced statistics to a lay audience, as well as understanding our specific business needs.  Both Karl and Heather were highly responsive and patient with our rather demanding schedule. I highly recommend their work and look forward to working with them again."

– Melissa C. Maravić, PhD, MPH, Director of Analytics and Behavioral Science, Eliza Corporation
inter americana
"Working with Rexer Analytics is an initiative that has helped to continuously improve our admissions process at Inter American University, Metro Campus. Annual survey reports and insightful analyses provide excellent information about the needs of applicants, aid in the decision making process and in getting better results."

– Marilina L. Wayland, Chancellor, Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus
“We’ve worked with Karl and his team in a variety of ways,including as consultants in developing new quantitative tools, as well as bringingthem in to help with client projects that were outside of our scope. We arevery selective about who we work with and introduce to our clients, and RexerAnalytics is a company we fully put our trust in.  They have exceptional expertise, passion, andare a joy to work with.”

– Todd Hoskins, Co-Founder, My-Take
"Karl and his team are advanced analytics wizards!  Their work for HP provided insight and actionable results.  I highly recommend Rexer Analytics!"

– Donna Ross, Business Intelligence, EDW Governance & Portfolio IT Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"Rexer Analytics served our firm well in building predictive models for targeting CRM efforts for a large, national retail client. Their client service, coupled with their ability to quickly absorb both business requirements and data complexities, was first rate. I highly recommend this team!"

– Dr. Frederick Barber, Chief Analytics Officer, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing
"The Rexer Analytics team offers a unique combination of talented professionals who are also patient and personable teachers. Our engagements with Rexer started with SPSS Statistics and Modeler classes and consulting on predictive models. Our group was immediately able to benefit from Rexer’s training to explore new forecasting methods and build models identifying traits of unprofitable customers. Over time Rexer Analytics effectively worked as a natural extension of the Redbox team. At times we had project teams comprised of both Redbox and Rexer staff, but were also able to outsource entire projects to Rexer.  One particularly impactful project included a set of targeting models built by the Rexer team – these models identified kiosks with the best potential for niche genre movie rentals. I would highly recommend Rexer Analytics whether your team wants to learn the basics of predictive analysis or needs additional expertise in solving one of your most difficult challenges."

– Kristen Olson, Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights & Analytics, Redbox
"We described to the NES / Rexer team the challenges we were having with our manual, time consuming, forecasting business process.  They were great in understanding our needs and proposing a cost-effective IBM SPSS Forecasting solution.  The NES / Rexer team also piloted the solution using our own data — helping us see the software’s ease-of-use and the business impact it could have. They trained our staff, helping us get up to speed quickly making our own forecasts, and were available for follow-up support when questions arose.  The SPSS Forecasting software has improved our productivity, enabling our staff to deliver better forecasts in less time.  The software provides consistency in the execution of our forecasting, allowing us to respond to rapidly changing business conditions and demands.  We are now using the analytic capabilities of the SPSS tool to improve global demand and product planning.  The NES / Rexer team is partnering with us as we explore other areas of our business that can be enhanced with analytics."

– Becky Pecco, Global Demand Manager, The Siemon Company
mit be
"Rexer Analytics helped our cancer MIT Macro-epidemiology team manage and analyze large volumes of data.  They extracted the data we needed from annual US mortality records (over 2 Million per year), and enabled us to add ten additional years to our disease, gender, age and ethnicity-specific mortality rate analyses.  The easy availability of this data on our Mortality Analysis website is extremely valuable globally to researchers investigating disease causation and the efficacy of medical interventions.  And it would not have been possible without the work of the Rexer team.  Examples of the medical insights enabled:Testing (and supporting) the hypothesis that deaths from colon cancer arise from two (and only two) separate genetic changes in the stem cell lineage that forms the colon, and additionally that such changes occur only in the fetal/juvenile period.The website’s mortality curves illustrate and confirm the role of cigarette use in lung cancer.  Lung cancer rates rise in males about 25 years before a similar rise is seen in females - concordant with the sudden historical rise in cigarette use by males starting in 1900 and by females around 1925. Contrary to widespread belief, the data show no changes in cardiovascular or cerebrovascular death rates following increases in the cigarette habit.Controversially, but in accord with what many oncologists have suspected, the website shows breast cancer death rates did not decline between 1900 and 2010 in older women, despite the introduction of mammography and the purported successes of x-ray and chemo-therapies.Without the contributions of Rexer Analytics to this public health project, it simply could not continue to be improved and updated regularly. Karl also helps the team with data graphics and trains junior staff to use statistical software. Their ability and enthusiasm invigorate the larger team. Rexer Analytics is a true friend and trusted colleague to MIT Macro-Epidemiology."

– William G. Thilly, Sc.D., Professor of Genetics, Toxicology & Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
faze 1
"Rexer Analytics supported Faze1 while we were in our infancy. Our first product supported the residential solar industry in identifying the most valuable potential solar customers in Massachusetts. Using our domain knowledge and data mining expertise, combined with Rexer Analytics’ predictive modeling capabilities, we created a unique scoring algorithm that allowed residential solar marketers to target homeowners with the greatest propensity to adopt solar energy and who lived in a home with a roof that could facilitate a solar PV system. Rexer Analytics provided Faze1 with affordable, top-notch statistical work. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking analytic project work or analytic strategy guidance."

– Marc A. Guy, CEO, Faze1

Partner Testimonials

"Rexer Analytics has been a great Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA) partner who has delivered customized OAA data mining consulting and instruction for Oracle customers in North America, Europe and Asia.  Rexer Analytics’ deep experience and industry knowledge have been great assets to Oracle, and are key reasons I recommend them to Oracle clients.  I’ve worked with Karl for years now as a board member of our Oracle BI, Warehousing and Analytics (BIWA) Big Data + Analytics User Conferences and oftentimes look to Rexer as a great source of customer, product and competitive feedback."

– Charlie Berger, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Advanced Analytics and Data Mining, Oracle Corporation
elder research
"I worked together with Karl and his team on at least 10 analytic tasks over 4 years for a mutual client. They are consummate professionals – they bring an uncommon skill set to bear on every engagement: unparalleled attention to detail, crystal clear communication of very technical solutions, and creative analytical insight.  Karl's role as the engagement manger for this client was essential to the longevity of the relationship."

– Dustin Hux, Vice President of Analytics, Elder Research
vlamis software solutions
"We partner with Rexer Analytics, bringing them into our engagement teams when we need deep expertise in analytics; we rely on their decades of experience creating analytic solutions across many many industries.  We always know that Rexer will have experience similar to the situation we are in — having someone that has 'been there, done that' is invaluable.  We also partner with Rexer Analytics by providing Oracle database, OBIEE, and Amazon Cloud support on Rexer engagements.  Whether they are in China, London, California, or New York, their communication is outstanding and their technology requirements are clear — the Rexer teams are a pleasure to work with."

– Dan Vlamis, President, Vlamis Software Solutions;  Author of “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g”
leader networks
"Rexer Analytics is my firm’s partner of choice for quantitative research and analysis.  They are superior data scientists, rigorous in the research approach, ethical and provide outstanding customer support. They are always willing and happy to support our strategic research needs with a wide range of studies, tools and methods.  As a fellow researcher, I enjoy working with them and they always deliver high value to every engagement they work on."

– Vanessa DiMauro;  CEO & Chief Digital Officer, Leader Networks;  Board Director & Research Co-Chair, Society for New Communications Research;  Author of “The New Symbiosis of Professional Networks: Social Media's Impact on Business and Decision-Making”
research collaboratve
"Smart, strategic, flexible – the Rexer Analytics team is a joy to work with and really adds value."

– Polly Staman;  Principal/Owner, Research Collaborative

Thought Leadership: General Testimonials

"Rexer Analytics is definitely one of the key players in the Data Mining ecosystem.  I was introduced to the world of data science when I attended Karl’s Hands-on Lab at the 2008 Oracle BIWA Summit.  In addition to the software training, Karl spent extra time with me, answering questions and providing implementation advice.  Karl is one of the organizers of the annual BIWA Summit, and it is an outstanding event.  Each time I bring my analytic team.  We look forward to talking with Karl and others, sharing our successes, discussing ways to overcome challenges, and learning new things. Karl’s original Oracle Data Miner training session got us started -- and in the subsequent years our Risk Analytics team has tackled tough business challenges, and been very successful in fighting e-payments fraud.  Rexer Analytics is the go-to team to help create analytic solutions."

– Julia Minkowski;  Risk Analytics Manager, Fiserv;  and Co-founder, “Russian Speaking Women in Tech”
predictive analytics worls
"Karl Rexer is one my top few most treasured colleagues.  His firm is one of the top boutique consulting firms in predictive analytics, and has accumulated an impressive, diverse client portfolio. I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with Karl on several projects, and he’s a regular plenary speaker at the conference series I founded, Predictive Analytics World.  When it comes to execution, Karl and his team have conquered the art of clear communication, which is as important as it is rare in the complex arena of analytics.  Also, Rexer Analytics’ series of Data Science Surveys is a foundational contribution to this industry’s community.  If you have the opportunity to work with Karl’s firm, nab it!"

– Eric Siegel, PhD;  Author of “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die”;  Founder, Predictive Analytics World;  Executive Editor, Predictive Analytics Times
smarter hq
"I enjoy every interaction with Karl and regularly recommend Rexer Analytics for their high quality of work, highest integrity, and creativity in how they approach solutions."

– Dean Abbott; Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, SmarterHQ;  Founder & President, Abbott Analytics;  Author of “Applied Predictive Analytics: Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst” and “IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook”
vlamis software solutions
"Having worked with Karl for years as a fellow Oracle BIWA board member, we always appreciate Karl’s independent and insightful thoughts.  Whether it’s running a conference, selecting presentations for webcasts, or running a board, Karl is a pleasure to work with."

– Dan Vlamis, President, Vlamis Software Solutions;  Author of “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g”
analytic focus
"The Rexer Analytics team has a passion for data mining.  This is illustrated by their outstanding Data Miner Survey research, and the contributions of time and expertise they make to professional organizations and conferences.  I first met Karl when we both served on the KDD-2006 conference organizing committee.  He has worked on a number of international data mining conferences, and been instrumental in soliciting sponsors, reviewing papers, judging best paper prizes, and teaching hands-on labs.  I have been involved with INFORMS for many years, and was happy to see Karl jump at my offer to participate.  He spoke at a local INFORMS chapter, encouraged others to attend INFORMS conferences, and he and his team wrote an article for the INFORMS ‘Analytics Magazine.’  My data scientist colleagues and I applaud the contributions of Rexer Analytics."

– Mary Grace Crissey, Research Analyst, Analytic Focus, LLC;  Council Member, CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS
babson college
"Karl has generously dedicated a great amount of time and energy to helping my students succeed – by being a frequent guest speaker in undergraduate and MBA business analytics classes, by serving on the industry advisory board that helped shape Babson’s undergraduate and MBA business analytics concentrations, and by advising individual students on careers in data science and business analytics. The depth and breadth of his experience and knowledge are evident, and have been helpful to both students and faculty at Babson."

– Dessislava A. Pachamanova, PhD;  Professor of Analytics and Computational Finance, Babson College;  Co-designer of the Babson undergraduate and MBA concentrations in Business Analytics;  Author of “Portfolio Construction and Analytics”, and “Simulation and Optimization in Finance”
"I have known Karl 15 years.  He has been very helpful to both me and my publisher in reviewing and providing feedback on early versions of my books.  The Rexer Analytics Data Miner Surveys were also very useful to my teams when I was at StatSoft.  These surveys gave us insight into key industry trends. The Rexer Analytics people are always very responsive to our questions about this research, and are quick to share additional information.  They are great to work with!!"

– Gary Miner, PhD;  Healthcare Innovation Lead, Dell;  Author of “Practical Text Mining” and “Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications”
ds stats
"Rexer Analytics has given invaluable and crucial insight to understanding the field of data mining and analytics through the world.  Mr. Rexer’s mentoring has brought valuable learning to me and my website.  He literally stepped out on a limb, and introduced me to the rest of the analytics world.  If it was not for Mr. Rexer, I would still be an anonymous Indian blogger in his bedroom in Delhi, India.  I recommend his networking abilities, his analytical vision and his clear lucid communication skills- skills that have helped him satisfy scores of clients."

– Ajay Ohri;  Founder, DecisionStats;  Author of “R for Business Analytics” and “R for Cloud Computing”

Thought Leadership: Data Science Survey Testimonials

predictive analytics worls
"Rexer Analytics’ series of Data Science Surveys is a foundational contribution to this industry’s community.  If you have the opportunity to work with Karl’s firm, nab it!"

– Eric Siegel, PhD;  Author of “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die”;  Founder, Predictive Analytics World;  Executive Editor, Predictive Analytics Times
"Rexer Analytics has been instrumental in helping advance the field of data mining through applied research, software evaluation, testing, professional conference support and consulting.  Their research evaluating the trends and preferences among the data mining community is a great resource for many."

– Wayne Thompson, PhD;  Chief Data Scientist, SAS
"I consider Rexer Analytics’ surveys one of the best independent analyses of Data Mining.  I stress the word ‘independent’ as that is the most useful.  Karl and his team have been active in this market for many years and bring considerable experience to the topic."

– John MacGregor, Vice President, Customer Innovation & Strategic Projects, Products & Innovation, SAP;  Author of “Predictive Analysis with SAP: The Comprehensive Guide”
"The Rexer Analytics Data Mining Survey provides valuable insight into trends in tools and techniques, as well as backgrounds of data mining practitioners.  Rexer's analysis of the survey data dives into hype or reality of big data to the rise of analytics software like R, as well as challenges faced by analysts and their job satisfaction.  I look forward to each survey's results and increasingly see these results highlighted in presentations from other well-respected experts in the field."

– Mark Hornick, Director, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle Corporation;  Author of “Using R to Unlock the Value of Big Data: Big Data Analytics with Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle R Connector for Hadoop”
"As the longest-running survey of data miners in the industry, the Rexer Analytics survey provides valuable insights and trends into the tools, methods and applications of advanced analytical techniques today."

– David M. Smith, R Community Lead, Microsoft
"Over the years, Rexer Analytics' Data Miner Surveys have provided useful macro information about the dynamic and growing field now known my many more names than data mining."

– Anne Milley, Director Analytic Strategy, JMP Product Marketing, SAS
"The Data Science Survey is one of the few unbiased resources that provides a comprehensive overview of the data science community.  It is a key source of information for analytic professionals regarding vendors, tools, and state-of-the-art algorithms.  As a frequently cited publication, it covers essential topics, new trends like “big data”, as a well as general market surveillance."

– Michael Zeller, PhD;  CEO, Zementis
the modeling agency
"Rexer Analytics’ Data Mining Survey is a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the industry’s attitudes, performance, and trends.  There’s no better place to get a firm grip on the direction of this rapidly growing field."

– Eric A. King, President, The Modeling Agency, LLC
"The Rexer Analytics surveys are extremely useful.  They provide industry benchmarks, keep us abreast of new trends, and surprise us with new insights."

– Julia Minkowski;  Risk Analytics Manager, Fiserv;  and Co-founder, “Russian Speaking Women in Tech”
kd nuggets
"The Rexer Analytics team is doing great work in analytics and data mining.  Their Data Miner Survey reports are always full of useful insights."

– Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, PhD;  President, KDnuggets;  Co-founder, KDD conference & ACM SIGKDD;  Author of “Knowledge Discovery in Databases”
smarter hq
"The Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey is the best survey of the current state and direction of the data mining and predictive analytics industry.  I recommend it to my workshop and course attendees regularly as a way to understand the important trends in software, algorithms, job titles, and vertical markets, as well as issues impacting the analytics industry and which buzz words are gaining traction."

– Dean Abbott; Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, SmarterHQ;  Founder & President, Abbott Analytics;  Author of “Applied Predictive Analytics: Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst” and “IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook"

It might not be without anxiety that we await, every other year, the results of the Rexer Analytics Data Mining Survey; but that anxiety tells you exactly that this survey is an essential snapshot of this increasingly critical and competitive market!"

– Director of Analytic Strategy & Decision Management, US Fortune 100 technology firm
university of tennessee
"The field of data science is moving very rapidly.  As the manager of an academic research support team, it’s critically important for us to know where the field is headed.  That’s why we carefully study the reports from Gartner, Forrester, and Rexer Analytics.  We have studied the Rexer Analytics reports for many years to learn what tools are on top, but more importantly, whose market share is headed up or down.  The Rexer surveys are a key component for our published ‘The Popularity of Data Analysis Software’ analyses."

– Bob Muenchen, Manager, Research Computing Support, University of Tennessee;  Author of “R for SAS and SPSS Users” and “R for Stata Users”
trip advisor
"Every year, I look forward to reading the data mining survey from Rexer Analytics."

– Michael Berry, Analytics Director, TripAdvisor for Business;  Author of “Data Mining Techniques"
analytic focus
"The Rexer Analytics Data Miner Surveys outline the ‘State of the Art’ for our emerging industry.  Their interaction with clients, practitioners, academicians, consultants, businesses, professional societies and software vendors inform these surveys and place them in a perfect position to collect un-biased ‘independent’ evaluations regarding software choices as well as the best practices and challenges practitioners face.  Their market intelligence is highly valued in our profession."

– Mary Grace Crissey, Research Analyst, Analytic Focus, LLC;  Council Member, CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS
vlamis software solutions
"We believe in a fact-based approach to technology adoption.  So we rely on the Data Miner Surveys from Rexer Analytics to help our clients understand analytic technology adoption trends and issues. Rexer’s survey reports are an invaluable resource."

– Dan Vlamis, President, Vlamis Software Solutions;  Author of “Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g”
"As an instructor of courses in a rapidly changing field – business analytics – and as concentration advisor to the undergraduate and graduate students in business analytics at Babson, it is of paramount importance for me to keep up with trends in analytics software, techniques and applications. The bi-annual Rexer Analytics Data Miner Surveys have been a great source of information on global trends in analytics, and have allowed me and my colleagues to teach Babson students skills, tools and techniques that can position them better in the marketplace."

– Dessislava A. Pachamanova, PhD;  Professor of Analytics and Computational Finance, Babson College;  Co-designer of the Babson undergraduate and MBA concentrations in Business Analytics;  Author of “Portfolio Construction and Analytics”, and “Simulation and Optimization in Finance”
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