Case Study: Blood Supply Management & Forecasting

Karl Rexer
June 2020

Kelley Counts (OneBlood, Director of Data Science) & Karl Rexer presented a case study at the Predictive Analytics World June 2020 virtual event: “Does Your Hospital Have Enough Blood? Using Analytics to Optimize Blood Donor Recruitment, Forecast Hospital Needs and Manage the Blood Supply Chain”


Blood, platelets and other transferable fluids are critical for patient health – particularly during trauma treatment, surgery and chemotherapy. Every day OneBlood collects, processes and delivers thousands of units of blood and blood products; keeping hospitals throughout the Southeastern US ready to provide life-saving healthcare. Kelley & Karl described how OneBlood uses predictive modeling to better understand and to shape donor behavior. Additionally, by forecasting hospital blood product needs, OneBlood is able to anticipate demand and modify donor recruitment and the processing of blood products. This ensures that hospitals have the right blood products in the right amounts at the right time. Kelley & Karl outlined how OneBlood’s combination of analytic methods is helping forecast hospital needs and to manage the blood supply chain during the Covid pandemic. 

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