Data Mining Hands-On Lab, Oracle Analytics & Data Summit 2019

Karl Rexer
March 2019

Over 400 people attended the three day 2019 Oracle Analytics & Data Summit held at Oracle Headquarters Convention Center, in Redwood City, CA.  Rexer Analytics President, Karl Rexer, partnered with Charlie Berger (Oracle Data Mining Product Manager, Oracle) and Tim Vlamis (VP, Vlamis Software Solutions)to deliver a Hands-on Lab:  Machine Learning 101 with SQL Developer’s Oracle Data Miner Drag & Drop UI,training over 50 people to use Oracle Data Mining software.  As an emeritus Oracle BIWA Board Member, Karl also assisted with on-site event registration and other event coordination.

Data Science Surveys
Since 2007 this research program has provided insights into the challenges, tools, and methods of analytic professionals.
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  • May, 2017: Launched 2017 Data Science Survey
  • Sept, 2016: Released Full 2015 Survey Report
  • Sept, 2015: Unveiled highlights of 2015 Survey Results at PAW-Boston