Does your Hospital Have Enough Blood? - Part 2: Using Analytics & Marketing to End the Platelet Shortage

Karl Rexer
June 2022

Kelley Counts (OneBlood, Director of Data Science) & Karl Rexer presented at the June 2022 Predictive Analytics World event in Vegas (Machine Learning Week).  It was a popular follow-up to their 2020 presentation about the use of data science to improve blood collections and availability for patients in need of critical blood products.  This year Kelley and Karl described the work that their teams did in 2021 and 2022 to improve the supply of platelets. The teams built and deployed three predictive models:  Platelet donation propensity, Platelet conversion propensity, and Platelet campaign response.  Marketing campaigns used these models, and dashboards enabled campaign tracking and iterative improvements.  Inventory monitoring and hospital demand forecasting are the remaining solution components.  With all of these components working together, we have dramatically increased the number of platelet donors, stabilized inventory to match demand, and dramatically increased platelet availability in Florida hospitals.

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