Guest speaker at Babson College

Karl Rexer
October 2019

Karl Rexer was the guest speaker to Babson College’s Fall-2019 MBA Business Analytics class. His presentation, Introduction to Data Science and Applied Business Analytics, A Consulting Perspective, generated many questions and follow-up discussions. Karl has been an invited speaker to Babson’s Business Analytics classes for over 14 years. He also serves as an industry advisor on the college’s Business Analytics concentration curriculum committee. Rexer Analytics has hired local Babson and Bentley graduates with business analytic skills, and Rexer Analytics is proud to have provided analytic support to start-up companies founded by Babson graduates.

Data Science Surveys
Since 2007 this research program has provided insights into the challenges, tools, and methods of analytic professionals.
  • May, 2020: Launched 2020 Data Science Survey
  • Mar, 2018: Highlights of 2017 Survey results presented in DMA webinar
  • Oct, 2017: Highlights of 2017 Survey results unveiled at PAW-NY
  • May, 2017: Launched 2017 Data Science Survey
  • Sept, 2016: Released Full 2015 Survey Report
  • Sept, 2015: Unveiled highlights of 2015 Survey Results at PAW-Boston