Moderator and Speaker at Predictive Analytics World, Vegas

Karl Rexer
June 2018

The 2018 Predictive Analytics World (PAW) conference in Vegas this year was a huge and very successful event.  Rexer Analytics President, Karl Rexer,moderated sessions in the Business PAW tracks. He also presented a plenary session, “Industry Trends: Highlights from the 2017 Data Science Survey”. Karl also co-presented to PAW Business attendees in the Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning Methods track with Dean Abbott, SmarterHQCo-Founder and Chief Data Scientist. Their session, “Q&A: Ask Dean and KarlAnything (about Best Practices)” was an open Q&A and discussion focused on best practices in predictive analytics, techniques for data preparation, and industry trends,and proven methods for explaining predictive modeling results to non-technical audiences.

Data Science Surveys
Since 2007 this research program has provided insights into the challenges, tools, and methods of analytic professionals.
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  • May, 2017: Launched 2017 Data Science Survey
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