Rexer Analytics launches 2020 Data Science Survey

Heather Allen
May 2020

The 2020 Data Science Survey was launched. Analytic professionals of all types were invited to participate. This is the 9th survey in our ongoing research program (started in 2007). The surveys examine the analytic behaviors, views, and preferences of analytic professionals. Globally, over 1,100 people have participated in each of the last few Data Science Surveys. We enjoy sharing the results of each survey, and we have been very pleased with everyone’s positive reactions to the surveys over the years. Preliminary highlights of the 2020 survey results will be unveiled at the Predictive Analytics World conference in June 2020.  This year, due to the COVID pandemic, the conference will be a virtual event.

Data Science Surveys
Since 2007 this research program has provided insights into the challenges, tools, and methods of analytic professionals.
  • Feb 2023: Launched the 2023 Data Science Survey (10th survey in the series) in partnership with Eric Siegel and his Machine Learning Week organization
  • May 2020: Launched the 2020 Data Science Survey
  • May 2017: Launched the 2017 Data Science Survey